Founded by women
working for equality.

Design Choice is a mission-driven graphic design studio. We work with progressive clients to make the world a better place, by encouraging entrepreneurial endeavors, advancing social justice and women’s causes, and supporting women in leadership positions. We invite decision makers to consciously choose women for their creative work.

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Our Choice Story

Design Choice is a woman-owned, mission-driven design studio with a focus on women’s causes, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Our innovative, talented, communications studio, is not only a strategic choice, but an empowering one. We help make good design choices that are instrumental in creating good in the world.

Design Choice was born in late 2016. Becca Gurney and her creative collaborators came together with the shared vision of a creative studio that celebrates, elevates, and empowers. One that utilizes great design as a key tool for turning ideas into social change. We’ve worked to save oceans, empower trans and non-binary youth, create equality for women, and amplify calls for social justice.

Our goal is to create a complete circle of equality and advancement; we focus on hiring and paying women at a rate equal to our male counterparts and supporting a client base that advances women in leadership, progressive causes and entrepreneurialism.

Our team has experience collaborating with nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, labor unions, and social entrepreneurs on various projects ranging from branding overhauls, to designing suites of publications, and creating marketing systems.

Our choice specialities include:
Publication Design • Branding • Web Design • Advertising & Marketing Campaign Design • Direct Mail Design