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Close up of a set of stickers

Fight the power valentines

Design Choice supported an outreach and fundraising campaign by Stop Police Terror Project-DC with design and art direction. The social media campaign shared graphics full of love and support with their partners, while also garnering donations from the community and bringing awareness to the issues around police brutality.

  • Marketing Design,  
  • Art Direction,  
  • Ephemera Design,  
  • Social Media Graphics  
A set of six valentine graphics, at various social media sizes. All using a dark pink, light blue, light pink, and white color palette, with friendly bold type and silkscreen printing texture. Each message replaces one letter with a heart. The messages are: fuck punitive policing tactice; flowers? More like fight the power; Mayor Bower got you feeling blue? We got you;  Thinkin' bout you thinkin' bout smashing the prison industrial complex with us; be mine, fight against mass incarceration; be our donor, divest from police.Close up of dark magenta stickers and buttons that say: fuck punitive policing tactics. The u in fuck is replaced by a blue heart.Screenshots of two social media posts showing the above share graphics in use.

Learn more and get involved with Stop Police Terror Project-DC at

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