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Close-up of a workbook spread with a photocollage expressing the wage gap

Reversing Runaway Inequality

Design Choice concepted, art directed and created a high quality and engaging workbook for political/racial equity education workshops in New York. The workbook explores and visualizes the themes of social change, movement building, and racial capitalism, mass incarceration, the wage gap, and other systems of inequality. The resource aids workshop leaders engage and educate during and after the workshop sessions through illustrations of complex racial and social justice concepts and supporting data visualizations.

  • Publication Design,  
  • Art Direction,  
  • Illustration  
The cover and interior spread of the spiral-bound workbook, on a yellow background.Four section-break spreads from the RRI workbook. Each is a conceptual illustration created with photo collages of high contrast, polarized images that are colorized using only magenta, cyan, yellow, and black. The sections depicted are: Social Movements, Social Change; The CEO-to-Worker Wage Gap and Wealth Gap; Racial Capitalism; The Productivity Wage Gap.A spread from the workbook with the heading Understanding Financialization. The pages contain an introduction, a bar graph showing Primary Causes of Wage Stagnation, and has a question and fill-in-the-blank section. Four section-break spreads from the RRI workbook, with photocollaged, conceptual illustrations colorized in magenta, cyan, yellow, and black. The sections depicted are: The Battle of the Big Ideas, How Does Runaway Inequality Affect Our Communities?; Inequality and Incarceration; Testing Our Democracy—Rigging the System.A spread from the spiral-bound workbook showing a timeline of social movements from 1600s to 1910s, on a magenta background.Four section-break spreads from the RRI workbook with photo-collaged, conceptual illustrations. The sections depicted are: Building the Mass Movement to Reverse Runaway Inequality; Structural Reform; Taking to the Streets; Timeline of Some Important Social Movements.Close-up of a spread from the spiral-bound workbook, with a photo-collage expressing social movements and protests with a list of successes including: Minimum Wage, Social Security, and the 40-hour Workweek.

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