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A zoomed-in and cropped cover to a report exploring salaries in the reproductive rights and justice movement, titled Bitch Better Have My Money.


Design Choice has supported ReproJobs’ goal to create transparency and healthy, supportive workplaces within the the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements. First we helped build an interactive, community driven salary database. And designed reports, data visualizations, and webpages exploring the survey data. Our collaborations expanded to design and build a filterable jobs board to help repro-folks find the job that best fits their needs.

  • Publication Design,  
  • Web Design,  
  • Data Visualization,  
  • Product Design,  
  • Web Development  
A mockup of a desktop computer showing the Salary Survey hompageA mockup of a desktop computer showing the Jobs Board hompageThree pages from the Bitch Better Have My Money report, showing the cover and two interior pages with graphs exploring the data.A collection of screenshots showing four sections of the salary survey webpage, inlcuding the Management, Salaries, and Demographics sections, and the Airtable database where the data were collected.An iphone showing the Instagram post sharing the new report, A Day Late and a Dollar Short, exploring pay equity within the movement. Next to the phone are two graphs depicting income distribution by gender and sexuality.

Explore the Jobs Board at or add a salary to the database at
This project created in collaboration with the development team at throneless tech.

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