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Close-up of a box of postcards with the We Believe in Paid Leave campaign logo on them and handwritten messages to congress members about the importance of paid leave.

We Believe in Paid Leave

Design Choice created the brand voice for Main Street Alliance-VT’s advocacy campaign encouraging Congress to include paid leave in their “Build Back Better” plan. In creating the brand and visual voice we produced a suite of assets that could be adapted for use across multiple communications channels. The campaign included a strategic social media push paired with in-person events and postcard writing actions.

  • Brand Design,  
  • Art Direction,  
  • Campaign Strategy  
The We Believe in Paid Leave wordmarkA Sample of three pages form the We Believe in Paid Leave campaign brand guide outlining alternative logo marks, colors, fonts, and guidance for image usage.Set of four instagram-sized posts. 2 posts are decorative and 2 share stats about small businesses in Vermont: 2 out of 3 small businesses support paid leave;  even unpaid leave is inaccessible for 65% of working people in VTA person sitting at a picnic table, writing a postcard to thier congress memberA closeup of a sign welcoming folks to a We Believe in Paid Leave event, and two instagram posts sharing postcards written to congress memebers about the importance of access to paid leave.

Take action for small businesses with Main Street Alliance

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