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Design Choice was awarded a Beacon Grant to create an online directory of women creatives in DC, with the mission of closing the gender pay gap. This self-driven project launched in May 2019, bringing visibility and job leads to the almost 200 talented women who have already joined.

  • Brand Design,  
  • Web Design,  
  • Product Design,  
  • Logo Design,  
  • UX Design,  
  • Web Development  
Screenshots of the landing page of showing the listing of freelancers. The responsive site layout is shown on a Macbook, iPad, and iPhone.A full screen screenshot of listings at Six freelancer cards are shown in two rows, sharing name, specialization, and contact information for each listing.  A set of three social media posts promoting the she-freelances product.Close up of sticky notes from card sort and user flow exercises used while stratgizing the productStyle Tile used by the website's developers, showing the color usage, type styles and heirarchy, buttons styles, and other layout assets.

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