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Citizen Action of New York’s logo in white overlaid on an image of a protest colorized red. The logo consists of condensed, angular, sans serif type with the word citizen stacked on top of the word action and the words of New York on a third line half the size and aligned right. The stacked of type is rotated to be on an angle and has a large exclamation mark, that goes off the page, punctuating the whole block.

Citizen Action of New York

Design Choice updated the brand and visual voice for this New York state-wide grassroots activist organization that works to make a more just New York for all. We created a new logo mark along with strategic brand guidelines that explore use of the brand across various collateral and communications.

  • Brand Design,  
  • Brochure Design,  
  • Logo Design  
Citizen Action of New York logo in red.The cover and inner panels of a long, horizontal brochure about Citizen Action of New York, sharing a timeline of their history and their mission and issue areas. The brochure is red and laid on a cyan background.A red t-shirt with the Citizen Action of New York logo on the front and the tagline Empowerment for Progress! on the back.A sample of the business card design and social media posts.

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