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An orange and purple illustration of a postcard that says “Welcome to your closest independent clinic - 515 miles away”.

Communities Need Clinics • The New Landscape

For the third year, we supported the Abortion Care Network with annual report design. Independent abortion care providers are an essential piece in ensuring access to reproductive health care at any stage of pregnancy. We expressed the changes to abortion access and reproductive freedom post Dobbs decision. We explored the new landscape of care and the costs involved and created a series of illustrations that show the journey of seeking care. Some folks may even travel 500+ miles to receive the reproductive health care they need! The report, illustrations, and data visualizations were used to create a companion website for the report.

  • Publication Design,  
  • Illustration,  
  • Web Design,  
  • Art Direction,  
  • Data Visualization  
Six spreads of the 2022 Communities Need Clinics report, showing various graphs, headlines, and illustrations.The cover of the Communities Need Clinics 2022 report with a line and flat shape illustration, with matchbook-like texture, depicting a hand holding a simple map of the US with hearts highlighting open clinics - mostly in northern states.Two screenshots of the Communities Need Clinics 2023 webpage. The pages share the header images and graphs and data about clinics and abortion care.An orange and pink, line and flat shape illustration, with matchbook-like texture, of a diverse group of five abortion providers, each with a heart on their shirt.A set of six simple line and flat shape illustrations, with matchbook-like texture, showing the different steps in the journey to finding abortion care: a map of the US highlighting clinics, a suitcase with travel stickers, a patient and provider hugging, a car on the highway, a person using a telephone, a hand holding a tolls receipt. Four instagram post graphics, sharing the cover of the Communities Need Clinics 2022 report and three data visualizations. One graphic is shown as the complete post, with caption, on an iPhone.

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