Choice Work

The ReMIND logo is the word remind typeset in a modern slab serif typeface in gray on a white background. The letters RE are smaller than the letters MIND, and aligned to the capheight of the word, with a bar under them, signaling RE meaning about.

ReMIND Project

Design Choice created the brand and visual voice for the Baltimore-based resource that helps public defenders serve individuals facing mental health challenges.

  • Brand Design,  
  • Web Design,  
  • Logo Design  
Examples of the ReMIND business cards. The front of the business cards are white with the logo and contact information, and the backs are gray with the mission station on them. They lay on yellow background.A Mac laptop with the ReMIND landing page on it. The landing page is gray with white text explaining the project. A close up of the back of the business card sharing the program’s mission.

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