Choice Work

The DCSEU logo consists of two overlapping drop-like shapes, one blue and the other yellow. Where they overlap they create a green path. The words DC Sustainable Energy Utility are set in a san serif typeface to right of the mark.

DC Sustainable Energy Utilty

Design Choice created the brand and visual and marketing concepts that powers the sustainable energy program. We expanded the brand to the program's website and annual report along with a promotional box of light bulbs and other small energy saving items.

  • Brand Design,  
  • Marketing Design,  
  • Publication Design,  
  • Web Design,  
  • Creative Direction,  
  • Icon Design,  
  • Illustration,  
  • Logo Design,  
  • Packaging Design  
The stationary set including letterhead, business card, envelope and the Brand Guide book. All items are neatly arranged and aligned on a yellow background.A Mac laptop showing the DCSEU landing web page with a full width image of a smiling couple in front of DC row homes. Next to the couple, the headline is set in a geometric sans serif type: ‘Your path to saving energy’. Under the image is the headline ‘For the District, By the District’ with energy saving stats beneath it.The mostly white cover of the DCSEU annual report has a word cloud of DC neighborhoods in grey and the title ‘Model City for Sustainability’ in Green. The report is landscaped letter sized, saddle stitched on a blue background.Interior spread of the DCSEU annual report showing the Empowering the neighborhood section, including a large image and a word cloud of stats.A white pick-your-own produce box filled with light bulbs wrapped in red tissue paper to look like apples. Green paper leaves identify which bulb is wrapping in each individual package. A hanging boolet is attached to the box by twine; it reads Your Guide to Green.A series of nine grey and yellow light bulb icons depicting the nine sustainable bulb types in the promotional package.On the left is a spread from the small booklet that accompanies the package explaining savings in lighting and heating. On the right are two leaf shaped hang tags that label the devices in the package. Included here are MR16 bulb and Pre-Rinse Spray Valve.

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